• Date
    7 February 2020
  • Location
    Hatta, Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates

Hero Dubai Desert fascination

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  • Date
    7 February 2020
  • Location
    Hatta, Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates

Dubai's truly extraordinary celebration of mountain bike racing

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Hero Dubai 2020

A unique challenge born on the desert’s sand. A new mountain bike dimension: passion and determination to reach new goals. Relive the first edition’s incredible emotions!

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Hatta, Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates

The HERO Dubai race will take place at Hatta, the Nature Park 110 km east of Dubai. It is an area that allows a glimpse into the genuine culture of the Emirates, the territory of Hatta is striking for the atmosphere that only the desert is able to convey in its true authenticity. It is in this context that Hatta aims to become a reference destination for ecotourism in the Arabic region, and the decision to create a permanent Mountain Bike Trail Centre represents Hatta's desire to position itself on the international off-road bike world.


Temperatures in February range between 20° and 24°C during the day. However, in HATTA, where the race takes place, the climate is cooler due to the mountainous environment in the desert and hinterland.

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60 km and 1,600 hm | 30 km and 800 hm

The route features 60 km and 1,600 m elevation gain, and develops on the Mountain Bike Trail Centre’s single trails in Hatta. The route is mostly on dirt road and sand and does not feature specific technical elements. Another shorter route (30 km and 800 m elevation gain) will also be available for anyone wanting to experience what it feels like to bike in the desert. However, only competing in the 60 km race will qualify you to take part in the HWS circuit.

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Calendar (icon)
6 February 2020
09.00 AM – 03.00 PM HERO Training
7 February 2020
08.30 AM Race Teams presentation
09.00 AM Start HERO Dubai 2020
10.30 AM Estimated arrival of the 1st racer, 30 KM route
11.40 AM Estimated arrival of the 1st racer, 60 KM route
12 AM Flower Ceremony
11.30 AM – 4 PM HERO Barbecue Party
10.30 – 11:30 AM HERO Dubai Kids
03 PM Arrival last finisher HERO Dubai 2020
3.30 PM Award ceremony HERO Dubai 2020
Kids (icon)
Hero kids
Little champs dream to become HEROes

The HERO Dubai KIDS 2020 is a non-agonistic race for children from 4 to 15 years of age. The race is intended to allow youngsters who are already dreaming of one day becoming a real HERO to take part in a mountain bike race especially for them, and to experience the HERO mood. The route is not particularly demanding and it is around the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre.


On Friday 7 February 2020 at 10:30 AM in Hatta, Hatta Wadi Hub.


All kids between 4 and 15 years of age are welcome to take part in this race.
Maximum number of participants is 200 kids.
Registration fee: 80 AED – 20,00 €
The fee includes a race package with a HERO Kids 2020 jersey, and a HERO Kids cap - nice souvenirs of a unique event for your young ones.


dubai welcome pack dubai welcome pack
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Expo (icon)
Expo & Demo
Stands of all the event partners

On Friday 7 February 2020 at the Hatta MTB Trail Center, the HERO Village will be crowded with stands of all the event partners. Here you have the chance to test all the new products and accessories of the bike world.

Prizes (icon)
HERO Prizes 2020
the HERO Great Finale

On Friday, 7 February 2020 at 3.30 PM, the HERO Dubai Award Ceremony will take place: an unforgettable event during which we will celebrate the achievements of all champions. Prizes will be awarded on stage, with the trophy and a total prizemoney worthy of a race such as the HERO. Awards will go to the first three elites of the category "overall" male and the first three women to have completed the 60 km and 1,600 hm route. Also, in the “Cycling / Hobbies” category, the first three men and women in the “overall” ranking who will compete on the 60 km course will be awarded on stage.

Cash prizes (60 km overall women & men license)
1° rank 3.000 $
2° rank 1.800 $
3° rank 1.000 $
4° rank 500 $
5° rank 450 $
6° rank 400 $
7° rank 350 $
8° rank 300 $
9° rank 250 $
10° rank 150 $
1° rank 1.000 $
2° rank 700 $
3° rank 500 $
4° rank 300 $
5° rank 200 $
6° - 10° rank 100 $
Expo (icon)
Hero Dubai 2020
Friday, 7 February 2020 – Hatta Dubai – UAE


dubai welcome pack dubai welcome pack


  • 60 KM 250 AED or 60,00 €


dubai welcome pack dubai welcome pack


  • 30 KM 125 AED or 30,00 €
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Accommodation & transfer
Find your accommodation in Hatta

We are happy to recommend hotels and facilities in DUBAI and HATTA as well as organising the transfer from and to the airport of Dubai to your accommodation. Book your plane ticket directly with Emirates, favourite airline of HERO Dubai.

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Hatta Dubai – UAE
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SEE YOU IN 2021!

Strength is required to win the most important challenges.
While that is true, patience truly is key – knowing when the right moment is can make or break you. Speed will get you on to the highest podium, but that is not the only quality of a champion, so much so that sometimes a restless cyclist may not meet their most important goals.

During this emergency, and at a time when the first shy signs of recovery can be seen on the horizon, we cannot allow ourselves to miss the real finishing line. The most important one for us, our loved ones, and everyone that is on the front line fighting this war every day. Patience is everything.

The BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites is our ‘home game’, a race held at the foot of our Dolomites. You know how much it means to us: it is not only the ‘toughest mountain bike race in the world’, but the day in which we celebrate all our HEROEs with unrivalled passion and joie de vivre.

For this reason, we have decided to postpone the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites to next year in June 2021. To protect the safety of all participants and their loved ones, out of respect for who is fighting on the front line, and to celebrate the HERO in that lively and participative atmosphere that we all know so well.

A painful but necessary choice which also impacts the calendar of the HERO World Series’ first edition: it would not make any sense to have a two-stage race, i.e. the former HERO Dubai on 7 February and the upcoming HERO Thai on 10 October.

We decided to launch the HERO World Series 2021 to fully experience the emotions of this new adventure. The new edition will kick off in Thailand in October 2020, followed by the 2021 Hero Dubai, and will end with the 2021 BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites. Get ready for an even bigger and livelier celebration in the HERO’S birthplace.

The fees for the HERO Thai 2020 will still be valid, and the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites 2020 fee will be ‘frozen’ and used as a credit for the next edition, which will also represent the final stage of the HERO World Series 2021. For the 2021 edition of the HERO Dubai, a new registration will be required.

The BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites will see you next year – we still hope we can see you cycling on the Dolomites before then, training to tackle the next HERO events in tip-top shape!!